Monika Tortschanoff

Vice Chairwoman

Monika is the vice chairwoman of the PATRIP Foundation. She is heading PATRIP’s West Africa Team, and she shares responsibility for the management of the foundation’s day-to-day operations together with her fellow members of the Board of Directors.

Holding a master’s degree in law and a University diploma in French philology, Monika started working in the sector of development cooperation more than 17 years ago. Her professional experience includes long-term employments abroad, working for the European Union on Labour Law in the Slovak Republic and on Human Rights and Democratisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Before joining the PATRIP Foundation, Monika worked at the Austrian Development Agency, where she was responsible for Austria’s development funding in different sectors in West Africa and Uganda for more than 8 years, before covering the South East European region.

Monika Tortschanoff - PATRIP Foundation