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PATRIP aims to stabilise fragile border regions by focussing on cross-border projects to promote local conflict resolution mechanisms, legitimate governance and social cohesion. To this end, PATRIP combines basic infrastructure with cross-border political dialogue between communities and state administration. An important element in this context is the involvement of state actors to strengthen confidence in state security.

Bringing together communities from both sides of the border can yield several positive effects in this context:

  • Promoting closer cooperation on both a state- as well as an inter-communal level
  • Creating a safer and more enabling environment for trade
  • Increasing the reach of public services
  • Providing more opportunities for cultural exchange

Fostering these effects promotes security and perspectives to communities challenged by the dynamics of conflict.



PATRIP acts as a trust fund manager for bilateral and multilateral donors. Where grants for individual countries stop at political borders, PATRIP finances projects that tackle the often particularly vulnerable border areas of fragile regions.

PATRIP operates based on clear and robust principles, with procurement guidelines and a reporting system based on KfW international standards.

A highly specialised monitoring toolbox, including site visits in fragile areas as well as remote monitoring technology, is used by PATRIP’s monitoring consultant to ensure that the best results are delivered for the local community, and that projects remain tangible for donors.

PATRIP prioritises sustainability by clarifying the question of responsibility for maintenance of projects prior to releasing funds. A tailored Environmental and Social Protection Policy ensures that projects are implemented with the greatest consideration for workers and the environment.

PATRIP Foundation is a non-profit organisation that channels multi-donor funds into cross-border projects aimed at increased stability and integration in fragile regions.
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