PATRIP – Regional integration and cross-border cooperation in fragile border areas of Afghanistan and West Africa

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PATRIP aims to stabilise fragile border regions by focussing on cross-border projects to promote local conflict resolution mechanisms, legitimate governance and social cohesion. To this end, PATRIP combines basic infrastructure with cross-border political dialogue between communities and state administration. An important element in this context is the involvement of state actors to strengthen confidence in state security.

Bringing together communities from both sides of the border can yield several positive effects in this context:

  • Promoting closer cooperation on both a state- as well as an inter-communal level
  • Creating a safer and more enabling environment for trade
  • Increasing the reach of public services
  • Providing more opportunities for cultural exchange

Fostering these effects promotes security and perspectives to communities challenged by the dynamics of conflict.

(c) Michael Gruber
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PATRIP acts as a trust fund manager for bilateral and multilateral donors. Where grants for individual countries stop at political borders, PATRIP finances projects that tackle the often particularly vulnerable border areas of fragile regions.

PATRIP operates based on clear and robust principles, with procurement guidelines and a reporting system based on KfW international standards.

A highly specialised monitoring toolbox, including site visits in fragile areas as well as remote monitoring technology, is used by PATRIP’s monitoring consultant to ensure that the best results are delivered for the local community, and that projects remain tangible for donors.

PATRIP prioritises sustainability by clarifying the question of responsibility for maintenance of projects prior to releasing funds. A tailored Environmental and Social Protection Policy ensures that projects are implemented with the greatest consideration for workers and the environment.



The PATRIP Foundation acts as a trust fund manager, pooling funds and coordinating implementation partners to enhance cross-border exchange and provide stability in fragile border areas. The partners consist of both international and national non-governmental organisations that meet PATRIP’s criteria.


The PATRIP Foundation’s implementation partners facilitate coordination with local authorities. Projects respond to the priorities of local inhabitants and are aligned with local development plans as far as possible. They are realised by the Foundation’s partner NGOs in close collaboration with the community itself.


PATRIP’s Monitoring Team is responsible for technical and accounting assistance and the monitoring of expected results. The locally based team conducts regular visits to the project sites and partner agencies to verify the construction quality and offer advice on possible improvements, and regularly reviews project expenditures and progress reports.


The responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the (re-)installed infrastructure is clarified before funding starts. The partners establish whether operation and maintenance can be carried out solely by the local community or the local administration accepts responsibility.


PATRIP has two management bodies:

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is responsible for advising, supporting, and monitoring the Board of Directors. It currently consists of six members.


Clemens Hach 
Head of Division

Crisis Prevention, Stabilisation, Post-Conflict Rehabilitation at the German Federal Foreign Office

Anke Konrad 
Head of Division

South Caucasus and Central Asia at the German Federal Foreign Office

Simone Stemmler 
Deputy Head of Division

Afghanistan/Pakistan at the German Federal Foreign Office

Kathrin Greve 
Team Leader

Stabilization Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran at the German Federal Foreign Office

Jean Damy 
Rédacteur principal

Desk Officer TPO/Tunisia/Afghanistan at the Luxembourg Government Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Helmut Fischer
Head of Division

Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Christine Heimburger
Director for Afghanistan · Pakistan · Iraq

KfW Development Bank

Rolf Holmboe
Danish Ambassador to the Republic of Mali

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the Foundation’s activities. It currently consists of two members.


Alexander Bohr

Monika Tortschanoff
Vice Chairwoman



  • Alexander Bohr

    Alexander Bohr is the chairman of PATRIP Foundation and shares responsibility for the implementation of its programme as well as management of day-to-day operations…
  • Monika Tortschanoff

    Monika is the vice chairwoman of the PATRIP Foundation. She is heading PATRIP’s West Africa Team, and she shares responsibility for the management of…
    Vice Chairwoman
  • David Blohm

    David joined PATRIP in October 2020 as Programme Manager. He primarily manages assigned NGO projects in the West Africa region and contributes to the development of the portfolio.    David studied History, Geography and International Relations at the…
    Programme Manager
  • Mirwais Hamnawa

    Mirwais joined the PATRIP Foundation at the beginning of October 2021 as Programme Manager for the Pakistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan region. He is mainly responsible for programme…
    Programme Manager
  • Gerald Wahl

    Gerald is working as Programme Manager for the Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan Region (PAT). He holds a Bachelor´s degree in Rescue Engineering and a…
    Programme Manager
  • Magdalena Males

    Magdalena holds the position of Programme Manager for the Pakistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan region. She is responsible for the management of assigned NGO projects. Magdalena holds a…
    Junior Programme Manager
  • Kirsten Jürgens

    Kirsten joined PATRIP in May 2021 as Finance and Administration Manager. She is responsible for the finance department as well as all administrative tasks.…
    Finance and Administration Manager
  • William Janovsky

    William holds the position of Junior Programme Manager for West Africa. He joined PATRIP in August 2020 as a trainee. Before joining PATRIP, he…
    Junior Programme Manager

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PATRIP Foundation is a non-profit organisation that channels multi-donor funds into cross-border projects aimed at increased stability and integration in fragile regions.

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